Customer Management and Orchestration Solutions



We help businesses across the world manage customer & channel interactions and business processes to create more intelligent, compliant and joined up experiences.



Customer Preference Centre

Our Preference360 solution enables organisations to collate and manage consumer preferences across multiple channels, brands and divisions

Customer Orchestration

Our ConnectDots platform allows organisations to connect disparate systems, orchestrating customer journeys and creating connected experiences

Single Customer View

Our Customer Data Platform allows organisations to create a Single Customer View, providing all users with a consistent and holistic representation of their data

Digital Operations

Our visual collaboration and approval platorm allows organisations to deliver on brand on message messages, artwork and video with a consolidated approach

Consulting & Marketing Services

Our services professionals provide you with in depth knowledge to solve  your organisation’s complex customer and channel management challenges

Transcend360’s powerful, cloud-architected solutions enable organisations to better understand and manage direct and indirect customers data, processes and results. Our mission is to provide technology that empowers people to create experiences that are in context with what they need and want.

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