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The Single Customer View is dead, long live the View of the Individual

A white paper outlining the evolution of the Single Customer View into a View of the Individual. In this white paper we outline the types of data required and options businesses need to consider to stay ahead. Click here to download.

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Going Beyond Traditional Marketing Thinking...

Where can you get the intelligence you need on customers in terms of their behaviour, motivation and needs? What marketing programs, initiatives and campaigns will deliver the best short and long term return? What processes, technology and organisation structures do you need to engage customers and improve the customer experience and increase customer value?

Transcend360 helps organisations answer these questions. Whether you are a bank serving retail customers or a high tech company serving end customers through a complex partner channel our consultants have have all "worn your shoes" and have the grey hair and experience to help you.

Who are we?

We are a team of business and technical advisors who work internationally providing advice and guidance on how organisations can gain sustainable competitive advantage through the development of thoughtful, focused customer management strategies and approaches and the exploitation of customer and partner information.

Our approach is to mentor and support our clients through the conceptualisation, delivery and exploitation of new processes, technologies and organisational structures. We believe real business benefits can only be achieved when all these components are wrapped up in a clear vision and strategy.

We also believe that marketing is set of interconnected processes that need to defined and managed well. If the process is clear and individuals understand their roles (supported by technology) marketing results can improve significantly.

We have learned from many years of experience that unless an organisation owns the delivery of a solution, it is almost certain to fail. We don't provide teams of consultants to deliver a project - instead we provide focused high value advice, guidance and best practice.

Our consultants also have a strong commercial background which means financial benefits realisation is a key focus of all our assignments. There will always be a solution with a "new bell and whistle" - we ensure our clients don't get blinded by the bright lights of new technology - we help keep our clients feet firmly on the ground and make sure they don't forget what they are trying to achieve.