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Transcend360 helps organisations transcend normal levels of marketing performance by assisting senior marketing and channel executives deploy new marketing processes, technologies and strategies to create a step change in results.

Our consultants have been involved with some of the most successful Marketing Operations, Marketing Automation, Analytics, CRM and PRM programmes over the past 15 years in the UK, EMEA and North America.

We understand the customer and partner business issues; the data quality and completeness concerns; the delivery of a business case; the selection and implementation of hardware and software solutions; the understanding of customer and partner information; the development and delivery of multi-product, multi-channel strategies; the refocusing of key people within the organisation and the successful transfer of knowledge throughout the company.

Trust, experience and dedication to problem resolution in the Marketing Automation, Customer Intelligence, CRM and PRM arena are making Transcend360 a world class leader in its field.

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Customer Intelligence0%
Marketing Operations (and MRM)0%
Marketing Strategy and Marketing Transformation0%
Defining and Implementing Marketing Technology Solutions0%


Bill Marjot

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Riley

Chief Marketing Technologist

Julian Hall

Vice President Sales

John Georghiou

Non-Executive Director

Neil Cook

Consulting Director (Channel)

Peter McCann

Consulting Director (Big Data)

Jim Roberts

Managing Consultant

Jeremy Williams

Consulting Director (Strategy)

Peter Bear

Project Manager


Simply – we make marketing better

Marketing Advisory and Consulting Services

Helping marketing departments define new strategies for managing customers and driving revenues. Working with marketing leaders to build new ways of working and using technology to gain competitive advantage.

Marketing Technology Consulting and Implementation Services

Shaping technology to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Deploying advanced technology solutions to meet the needs and requirements of modern marketing departments.

Marketing Training and Change Management Services

Assisting marketing departments in taking advantage of new approaches and technologies. Helping define, shape and transact change programs to keep marketing departments ahead of the curve.

Need to improve your marketing efficiency and effectiveness?