In today’s difficult and turbulent market place, Transcend360 believe that all organisations need to examine their return on marketing investment (ROI). However, our experience to date suggests that many customer-marketing teams face significant challenges in supporting high value customer relationship activities. Consequently key areas of targeting, segmentation and understanding the customer are often neglected.

ROI blockers can take many forms. Inefficient processes can mean that fixed marketing costs are too high or misdirected; high levels of churn within marketing teams will mean costs are higher due to lower levels of knowledge in the team; out dated technologies will hamper the most effective processes from meeting their objectives; quality, completeness and accuracy of data may not be optimal; a lack of an integrated strategy may incur conflicting priorities and activities resulting in people not focusing effectively.

This knowledge however is not enough. Organisations need to know what action to take to exploit this knowledge. What are the specific actions to enable quick wins and longer term optimization of activities to meet their ROI objectives? A key challenge is realizing this change within a complex and fast moving environment. Transform-360 can show you how to achieve this.

Transcend360 Focusing On Marketing Investment Return is designed to maximise return on investment across a number of customer marketing attributes. Activities that underpin this are:


  • Increasing customer profitability through more effective acquisition and retention activities
  • Higher value customer acquisition will increase the total assets under management of the company

Customer Content:

  • More relevant, timely and accessible data will mean that higher value customers can be more effectively segmented and targeted
  • More relevant and consistent approaches to customers will enhance customer loyalty, retention and reduce costs
  • Process improvement in customer service and satisfaction will mean that customer churn rates will be reduced

Customer Growth:

  • Improvement in cross selling opportunities, up selling opportunities and customer follow up can be achieved via digital (email) media

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