Marketing Process Review


Customer marketing managers face many challenges if they are to be successful in managing customer relationships. A number of factors such as proliferation of media and greater consumer demand for customized products and services has meant that, as well as product and channel complexity, there is a growing need to target ever-smaller segments of customers. Added to this are business drivers of greater competition and drives to increase agility and cost competitiveness. Complexity and volume present the customer marketing function with a process challenge.


    How to create effective customer marketing strategies, tactics and individual communications


    Development of the right creative and content outputs - ensuring that brand and legal requirements are met


    Ensure that both the message and the subsequent delivery and response management meet marketing objectives


    Managing the performance of marketing campaigns, as well as analysing the performance of the whole marketing strategy

Helping You Optimise Marketing Processes

Transcend 360 can help you make a step change to radically optimised marketing process.

We will work with you to generate effective & repeatable closed-loop marketing processes, and improve the time to market of the campaign and communications you want to send enabling:

  1. Simplification and automation of customer marketing workflows
  2. Reduction in stress load on your resource
  3. Greater opportunity to maximise profits by significantly reducing operating costs, and;
  4. Creating more valuable, relevant communications that are auditable and compliant