Selecting Marketing Technology


Selecting marketing technology vendors can be challenging. You need to allocate sufficient time and resources to enable a managed process of selection in line with the level of planned solution investment. Make sure you compare apples with apples. Many marketing suppliers in different disciplines say they do the same thing. Think about how you will judge vendors and what’s critical for project success. For example, do you have an adequate grasp of marketing and business needs? Transcend360 can help you navigate your way through this complex process.


    Identify and define business and marketing objectives, targets and channels. Map your marketing transformation plan across realistic time frames.


    Decide what data you are going to need to meet marketing requirements and how it should be structured. What types of tools will you need to manage data, communications, channels, content and operations.


    Document what you want from a vendor. For example credentials, solution features and so on. Check out what sort of suppliers fit the bill. Review RFP responses and consolidate in your evaluation matrix.


    Arrange / attend vendor demo, presentation and Q&A meetings. Involve marketing folks along the way. Get consensus from your stakeholders on the selection of the best suppliers.

Helping You Select The Right Technology Partners To Meet Your Marketing Objectives

Transcend 360 can help you make the right choices in marketing technology vendors aligned to your needs, objectives and requirements.

Our experienced Marketing Technologists will work with you to generate accurate requirements, comprehensive evaluation criteria and support you during the evaluation, selection and purchasing process. Working with Transcend360 you will:

  1. Know that you have a proven process that will guarantee results
  2. Sleep easy knowing you have a trusted and experienced advisor watching your back
  3. Be confident in the choices you are making for the future