Orchestrating experiences



Our ‘Connect Dots’ orchestration hub leverages your existing infrastructure allowing new and transformative customer experiences to be designed and implemented




Customer Orchestration & Engagement Hub


Our Customer Orchestration & Engagement hub allows organisations to create connected, disruptive customer centric sales, marketing and service journeys, processes and applications in a ‘no-low-code’ environment. It enables the real-time delivery of unified, simultaneous, inter-related sales, marketing and service (omni-channel) experiences in a lean, agile way.  


Big Data

Design and build orchestration flows that can connect to both traditional databases and big data with multiple layers of security

Complex Event Processing

Create actionable event flows or high-speed data-in-motion applications with complex events, simplified through drag-and-drop orchestration

Intelligent BPM

Route specific actions (requests, complaints etc.) to specfic teams or systems for prompt action

Integrated Machine Learning

Advanced data analysis and learning through model building and pattern recognition using complex algorithms

Real-time Business Rules

Build and manage complex real-time business rules simply through a comprehensive business rules management system

External Connectors

Connect to more than 200 disparate systems on the cloud and on-premises to deliver complex applications through easy-to-use libraries

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