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Transcend360 Customer Preference Centre allows customers to manage their own preferences across a number of dimensions such as communication subjects (e.g. product interest), desired communication channel and frequency of communication.







Customer Preference Centre

Allowing customers to manage their preferences is critical from both a legal (GDPR) and business / customer relationship perspective. The centralised collection and management of customer preferences ensures legal compliance (GDPR) and provides the ability to deliver personalised and relevant communications and content through customer channels of choice.

Configurable Forms

Create customer preference forms using our drag and drop form builder and integrate them with your business systems

Back Office Administration

Enable authorised users to access, view and manage customer preferences and maintain a full audit trail for compliance

Integrated Workflow

Route specific actions (requests, complaints etc.) to specfic teams or systems for prompt action


Integrate preference centre with existing systems – including single customer views, websites and email service providers

Secure and Compliant

Preference centre is hosted on secure and scalable infra-structure that is GDPR compliant

Preferences Dashboard

Provide management with an holistic view of customer preferences and keys changes and trends over time

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